Low & No Cost Energy Saving Measures

insightenergygroup-logoEnergy management can be a daunting task for even the most senior management officials, but there are a few things that can be done immediately to reduce energy use up to 10% with little to no investments. These simple practices which can be implemented by an existing maintenance team are sure to show instant savings!


  • Ensure regular lighting maintenance
  • Turn off lights when not in use (10%-40% potential reduction)
  • Maximize daylighting, use blinds where applicable
  • Remove unnecessary lamps. Measure light levels against standards from the IES

Office Equipment

  • Activate sleep settings and power management functions on all office equipment so they automatically enter low power mode
  • Plus electronics into “smart” power bars to specify which equipment you would like to shut down

Operations & Maintenance

  • Perform an after-hours audit to see what is truly on when it shouldn’t be
  • Work with custodians to ensure they are working after hours, or during “off-peak” times to reduce consumption
  • Set goals and procedures to work along your own conservation strategy


  • Set back thermostat when building isn’t occupied
  • Perform roper maintenance on unit filters to ensure optimal and efficiency performance
  • Take note of thermostat placement, for example, if a unit is in direct sunlight, it will be sending confusing messages to the HVAC unit and produce unnecessary cooling
  • Use shades and blinds to prevent or encourage heat gain
  • Keep doors closed
  • Make sure space in front of vents and registers are free from obstruction


  • Ensure team members are aware of your conservation strategy and adhere to the policies set out
  • Develop an internal energy team to be champions of your place and empower those to contribute to overall conservation

Outside Help

  • Contact a member of our team for a free walk through to see what deep energy savings are possible