TransformTO: An Overview

TransformTO is a project created in collaboration between Toronto’s Environment and Energy Division, The Atmospheric Fund, and over 2,000 Torontonians through public consultations, conversations, and surveys.

The goal of it is to reduce the most negative impact of climate change and engage the community in reducing Toronto’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 80% below 1990 levels by 2050.

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As of July 4th, 2017, city council had unanimously supported the TransformTO climate plan, however it is unclear whether council will agree to fully fund the hefty $6.7 million budget for 2018.

Some of the recommendations include

  • 75 per cent of community-wide energy use to come from renewable of low-carbon sources
  • All transportation options to use low of zero-carbon energy sources
  • All new buildings to have near-zero GHG emissions by 2030.

Overall, the province of Ontario as well as the City of Toronto has already committed to a number of initiatives moving forward that will no doubt contribute to this goal, such as Ontarios Cap & Trade Program, and the Building Benchmarking Program.

While this process is not yet complete due to budgetary uncertainty, it is certainly a positive sign to see so many cabinet members approving a project, now to find the money…