Government Rebates – You Dont Know What You Dont Know

The list of government rebates and incentives in Ontario is quite lengthy, however many customers (residential and commercial) simply are not aware of them. The funds are available for a long list of applications, retrofits, programs, and products and are generated through programs such as the Ontario Cap & Trade program. Below is a list of available incentives through Toronto Hydro & Enbridge Gas. Contact us to see which ones you may be eligible for.


  • SMART Green: Small-to-medium-sized manufacturers are eligible for up to $200,000 in grants to implement equipment, technology and process improvements to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. The SMART Green program, offered by the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters, can also help companies boost productivity and realize ongoing energy savings, putting them ahead of the competition. See the program website for specific eligibility criteria.
  • Retrofit Program: Upgrade your business efficiency with a wide range of incentives covering up to 50 per cent of costs on new equipment and upgrades. Retrofit helps businesses by offering cost-saving incentives to switch out old tech for high-efficiency equipment. Two incentive streams are available to help kick-start energy-efficiency projects.
  • Training & Support: Save up to 50 per cent on energy efficiency training that puts you at the cutting edge of your industry. Gain the skills and knowledge to see lasting, energy-efficient results with incentives for training and certification programs. Save on Energy makes it easy by connecting you with support for up-to-date training in energy management, building operations, measurement and verification and more.
  • Audit Funding: Get an energy audit and build a plan to help your business reduce costs and be more energy efficient. Incentives of up to $25,000 are available to building owners and tenants to help identify the costs and benefits of implementing energy-efficient measures. Funding is capped at 50% of audit costs.
  • Demand Response Auction: If you can decrease or shift your energy use on short notice, you can generate a new revenue stream for your organization. The IESO Demand Response Auction takes offers from organizations to be available to reduce their energy use during summer and winter peaks based on signals from the IESO’s grid control centre. Companies that are successful in the auction are paid based on how much electricity consumption they would be able to reduce if needed. Many businesses participate through aggregators who co-ordinate a group of participants to compete in the auction.
  • Electric Vehicle Charging: Get up to $1,000 for an EV charger for your business. Up to $500 towards the purchase of an eligible charger and up to $500 towards installation of an eligible Level 2 charger. If you have an electric vehicle as part of your fleet and have received an incentive through Ontario’s Electric Vehicle Incentive Program, you are eligible to receive the charging station rebate.
  • Energy Manager Program: Receive up to $150,000 to hire an energy manager for your facility to help you reach energy-saving targets. Energy managers have the expertise to recommend energy-saving equipment, technologies and practices that are right for your business.
  • Process & Systems Upgrades: Make a commitment to major energy savings. Large commercial, industrial and institutional customers can receive up to 70 per cent of project costs to install energy-efficient equipment and optimize existing processes and systems.
  • PUMPsaver: Toronto Hydro’s new PUMPsaver program is an end-to-end solution to optimize your hydronic systems. It’s offered free of charge. If you qualify, Toronto Hydro will arrange for a professional to add variable frequency drives (VFDs) to pumps and then balance them so they run according to their actual, rather than maximum, demand. Toronto businesses reduce their heating and cooling energy use by up to 35 per cent – that’s ongoing savings of $4,000 to $20,000.
  • Energy Performance Program for Multi-Site Customers: For multi-site businesses undertaking whole building energy performance improvements. This pay-for-performance program encourages behavioural and operational changes alongside capital investment projects to achieve and grow energy savings over multiple years. Incentives are provided at four cents for each kilowatt-hour saved for up to four years.
  • High Performance New Construction: Incorporate energy efficiency into your building plan. Through the High Performance New Construction program, receive incentives for new building and major renovation projects that exceed electricity-efficiency specifications. Incentives are available for lighting, AC and custom projects. Building owners and planners are eligible to participate.


  • TargetGHG: TargetGHG provides Ontario’s largest emitters with support to develop and adopt leading-edge technologies to reduce their Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The program facilitates a collaboration between Ontario’s innovators, entrepreneurs, industrial large emitters and their customers and supply chains to develop GHG reduction strategies, solutions and establish Ontario as a leader in GHG reduction.
  • Commercial custom Retrofit Incentive: Receive up to 50 per cent of the project cost (not to exceed $100,000) in custom retrofit incentives from Enbridge for energy efficiency projects — designed to optimize energy usage and save on natural gas costs.
  • Fixed Commercial Incentives for Space Heating: Enbridge offers fixed incentives to help you switch to high-efficiency heating. Heating system retrofits deliver ongoing savings and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Get incentives on a wide range of energy-efficient heating equipment — such as $600 for a condensing boiler, $100 for an infrared heater, and $500 for a destratification fan.
  • RunitRight Program: Receive incentives to enhance the efficiency of your existing equipment and explore low-cost and no-cost strategies to save natural gas throughout your building. The RunitRight program gives commercial customers incentives of up to $1,000 to investigate and up to $8,000 to implement operational improvements. An incentive of $1,000 is also available to monitor equipment efficiency improvements to get 5 per cent overall natural gas savings.
  • Fixed Commercial Incentives for Water Heating: Get up to $200 in incentives for water heating upgrades such as condensing storage and tankless heaters. These upgrades will help improve operations and reduce the energy required to heat water in your facility.
  • Showerhead Rebate: Replace existing showerheads in your building with the Showerhead Rebate Program. Commercial and multi-residential buildings can reduce natural gas costs and greenhouse gas emissions by switching to energy-efficient showerheads.