Energy Audits

To fully understand how energy is being consumed and used in your building, an energy audit is the essential first step. Once an audit has been performed, you will be able to efficiently manage and reduce your buildings energy consumption. We take our audits a step further than most, ensuring that every report comes with a wide variety of retrofit options complete with pricing, savings, incentive calculations, and a detailed ROI analysis.

Building Retrofits

Not every facility requires an in depth energy audit. In some cases, it is clear what needs to be done immediately that will show strong paybacks. For example, if a facility is still outfitted with incandescent lighting, an LED retrofit can be done without an in depth audit and will provide instant savings for the owners. We offer retrofits ranging from lighting to HVAC systems, process equipment, window treatments, engineering design, and renewable implementation such as solar. Every retrofit we implement includes project management, government incentive support, purchasing and installation, removing the stress and worry for your operations team.

Government Incentives

Your Local Distribution Company (LDC) offers many incentives to help reduce your buildings energy consumption. These incentives are funded by the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO). Some available incentives include 50% for an energy audit, 50% for a lighting retrofit and many more. In addition, we also offer creative financing for your efficiency projects to assist in implementation.

Building Benchmarking

Benchmarking the electricity, gas, and water consumption will better assist you in determining if your buildings energy performance is getting better or worse. This can be done internally or externally. Internally you are measuring year after year with the goal of consistent reductions. Internally, you are comparing your facility to others of similar size, industry, and operation. The mandatory Energy & Water Reporting & Benchmarking program is coming to Toronto and buildings will be forced to comply starting in 2018.

Utility Bill Analysis

A thorough review of your utility bill will help ensure that you are not overpaying for energy. Particularly in Ontario, it is increasingly important to review and constantly monitor your bills for any possible overcharging or mistakes on the utilities behalf. Additionally, we may find a more cost effective method for you to purchase your energy.

Sustainability Planning

The importance of sustainable operations goes beyond the energy consumption in your building. It includes how and where you purchase, employee behaviours, marketing, baseline assessments, and planning. We work closely with all our clients to approach sustainability in a holistic manner, planning for People, Planet, and Profit.